Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

Here's a Graphic 45 card I made for my good friend Jodi Bug. It was also a card I recently taught at Smudges. I haven't seen Jodi in ages but I will be visiting with her later today in Pine City!! I can't wait to pop into the Pine City Scrapbooking Shop with my BFF Wendy who is Jodi's big sister. The store is having their Annual Used Stamp and Scrapbooking Sale beginning this Saturday. There are 27 sellers. I believe the sale runs for one week? At this time I am only selling A Muse stamps at a deep discount. If there is anything you want I can pull it for you but you have to email me soon. OK back to today's card. I LOVE anything from Graphic 45 and I want the new 8 x 8 paper pads really bad available at Anchor Paper. I know I always want something new!! Its the story of my life. This time I am blaming Ruth Ann and Sherry. Yes its always someone else's fault. Again, I wish you all a very happy Friday and hope you have something special planned. It was a super busy week for me with the two classes and I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing evening cropping again on Saturday at Archiver's. Now that's only if all goes well with my 'ole car these next few days. It has to go visit the car Doctor and that makes its mama very very sad. Thanks for stopping by and please have some fun. I wish for NO more snow. We still have so much snow everywhere you look and lots of big huge icicles and ice patches everywhere. One has to walk like a duck for sure!! Oh I received my Girl Scout cookies on Thursday from Luanne. Thanks!! I ordered four boxes and we opened the Thin Mints after my class was over. Yumo. Sorry you missed out *Candy #1 and Candy #2*. Check this out *Candy* brought candy to class. How sweet is she? You know she is Candy #1 for sure!! Major brownie points with the teacher!! I am blogging again mostly for her!! We always have a blast at Smudges!! I also got to see Jack. He was pretty much the highlight of my day (a little man love)!! Jack is a beautiful standard poodle puppy and such a good boy. I love Jack so much and *want/need* him bad!! Sandy *Candy #2* if you are reading this I hope you and hubby are having a fabo vacation in sunny CA you lucky dogs. Safe travels my friend. We missed you lots on Thursday but have no fear because Tami is back on the Smudges stamping scene!! Ha Ha. Call me crazy but I love to have fun. Tami!!


Anonymous said...

I love that card, Tami, as well as all the ones we made in class. It was a 'sweet' class! Many thanks to Luanne the GS cookie car lady. Glad I scored some lemon cremes before they disappeared. I know you had fun with Jodi and Wendy. Wish I could have gone to the sale too. Give us an update on the goodies you found! I'm enjoying your frequent posts. Good luck with the car repair today. Hope you get good news!
Candy #1 (till Candy #2 returns to town)

~amy~ said...

Lovin' your G45 card Tami!!!! The butterflies are one of my favs!

GS cookies...mmmmm....have fun at the g-sale!