Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coming clean as promised

I am so ashamed to even write this but I have to as promised in a previous entry. I went out today. Bank, Starbucks, Rainbow, and Mike's. Can you believe it? And, yesterday I ordered something online. I am not proud of myself but I feel I must blog about it to try and get a handle on my bad habits (shopping). There are worse things in life but I have bills. Lots and lots of bills. I did get the *plain* coffee free (credit card perk) and I had a gift card at Michael's but still that's no excuse. I broke my promise and its only Feb. 3. Bad me!! I did need a few groceries. Oh well. There's always tomorrow. Now let's see if I can be good the rest of the week but I need a haircut before my class on Sunday. That's a must!! Time to change the subject. Here's a sweet card I received in the mail today. I just love it. Its makes me smile. The card was made with an inchie stamp from Smudges by one of my good friends. Thanks girlfriend. I am scared to press the publish post but I have to do this for me. Thanks for stopping by and reading about my bad habits. Tami (naughty bad girl)


Grandma Jan said...

This is life. You do not have to confess. But if it makes you feel better - you go girl. I do love the card. It makes me smile too. So there you are. The main idea is the card and you can confess all around it but the pretty card is still in the center of it all.
Have a great week and I'll be checking out that haircut on Sunday.

Donna K said...

don't be too hard on yourself, we all have our vices. acknowledging your spending issues is a first step. before you buy goodies walk around, take a deep breath and decide if you can live without it. I wish I could join you on Sunday but have to help out at a funeral for a friend's father - which I'm happy to do. but I would love to be stamping. take care.

Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

What can I say that you haven't already said to yourself a thousand times?
(remember baby steps)

Mary said...

Tami, this time I think you are being a little too hard on yourself. The coffee was free and you used a gift card that was given to you as a gift. I don't think that you did any thing wrong. Try to enjoy the things you can when you can ok?

Love the entiment you used. It made me smile. :)


~amy~ said...

Hey you...sweet the colors....about your shopping...I'm with you sista...I love to shop...too much...I have too much...I don't 'really' need anything more...I find that if I don't go to M's or wherever that helps a ton...outta sight...outta mind...LOL..

Have a great week!