Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stamping Olympian Style

Hello friends. I know I've been a bad blogger however life has been really busy as of late which is both good and bad. I wanted to post this beautiful card I received from my sister. Don't you love it when you receive a card just because? I know I sure do. My sister is very talented and made the card with a soft pink Memory Box notecard, the stamp line is from NH, and she colored the pig skater with her new Staedtler colored pencils. Sami drew the background swirl (motion) and the stars. I must say this is my most favorite of her cards ever. We both love watching the Olympics and are huge fans of ice skating and skiing. I just happen to be watching skating right now. How about you? Do you enjoy watching the Olympics? I had two wonderful classes this week at Smudges. A big thanks to all that came. My next class is on Sunday, March 7 at Lunds (Plymouth). I'd love to have you join me. Having car troubles again and its not fun. Have a very nice weekend now and I will try and blog on Sunday evening as time permits. Thanks for stopping by and think spring friends. I am tired of winter. Tami


Grandma Jan said...

Very cute card from Sami. The pig's outfit is adorable and the coloring is great. I'll have to add it to my idea binder.
I'm loving the Olympics - sad Apolo was disqualified but he's still a winner in my book. Such a cutie. I'm glad we didn't get the snow and fog that the skiers had - ugly weather to race in.
Have a great weekend. I have lots to do at home and the budget says, 'No shopping, or peaking'.

~amy~ said... your sweet card from your sister...does she blog?