Friday, February 12, 2010

Another recent class sample

Here's a card I recently taught at two HOT spots...Lunds and Smudges. Hey Leslie girl and Trish (Jack's mama)...Happy Belated Birthday. You too can see this *lovely* on display at Smudges. The paper is from K and Company and the thrill of the paper other than its beauty is the hunt!! If you scored a pad (8 x 8) please leave me a comment. If you didn't find any feel free to leave me a comment too. I know not everyone needs it like me. So far I was able to get two. How about you?? I will be teaching the card at Smudges on Tuesday, February 23 at 6 pm. Be there or be square!! I hope by now you have realized and/or noticed I like to have fun on the 'ole bloggie. Its a wonder I even blog at all because I have so many issues with Blogger and me. Catch you later alligators. I can't wait to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics tonight. I'd love to give a big shout out to the Candy girls, Eclair, HT and the fabo Trish and Leslie duo. It was so nice to finally meet Jack (Trish's dapper standard poodle). I wanted to take him home with me SO bad. It was a great Thursday afternoon with the girls and Jack at Smudges!! Thanks for stopping by my friends. Gosh you never know who's reading your blog but I don't have anything to hide so I hope you have enjoyed my silliness and a little stamping thrown in for good measure. Time for a little beauty rest. I wish you a fun filled lovely Valentine's Day on Saturday and a happy President's Day three day weekend. Do you have any special plans?? I do. Tami :)


~amy~ said...

hey you...delish card...that k&co paper rocks...soooo pretty!!! have a fabbie olympics filled weekend sista!!!

Grandma Jan said...

Your plans are my plans. See you Saturday at Smudges. You rock and I am anything BUT square.

Mary said...

Gosh your card is ao beautiful. I love that you added the MS border to it. Loving the colors.