Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm back....Happy May Day!!

I apoligize for my lack of blogging but I honestly have not felt like it. I mailed this card off to my little sister today. I made it a long time ago at The Gathering in White Bear, MN. Lots of my friends tell me my cards look so much better in real life and I have to agree. I am going to try and stamp more this month. I have been busy with some personal things. I do have several May classes booked at two Anchor Paper stores and I hope to add one at Smudges and another at Lunds. Thanks for your visit if anyone is still reading my blog. Tami


Anonymous said...

Tami, I defintely agree your cards are beautiful, and even more beautiful in person.


Michelle said...

Welcome back Tami, another beautiful card.

Grandma Jan said...

I love the card. Just in the theme of May flowers. Can you believe we finally have green grass in Minnesota. Hope to see you soon.

Sherry said...

Tami, thanks for meeting me this morning at Caribou it was great getting together and showing you cards and scrapbooks. I am looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow to work on the special project at A.


Mary said...

Your card is so soft and so lovely looking. I'm sure that your sister will love it. See Tami, lots of people are still reading your blog. :)