Friday, May 8, 2009

Got Candy? Another card challenge-Day 68!!

Day 68-I want candy!! Well isn't that the truth!!! I love chocolate especially with nuts. I feel nuts after this week!! Its been a whirlwind and I'm so tired that I can barely type. Are you getting sick of me yet? I think I am making up for lost time. This is a silly card as we had to use candy on it or a candy stamp or sticker. Heck what do I know? I am new at this card challenge business but its in my blood and its fun but rather addicting. I need to recruit a few peeps!!

Do you have questions on this card? It didn't scan too well as its thick and lumpy. I used 6 different stamps, bling and ribbon. I put on the BLISS candies with double-stick tape. I had to try both kinds. Yum!

The rhinestone stickers are from Memory Box and the flowers are from Kaiser.

Good nite. I am still behind with my class samples. Tami


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that card is awesome. I love how you used the Bliss candy and the sayings are perfect. That card looks custom made for Sandy/Candy! Too bad it's 11 1/2 months till her birthday. I'm not familiar with Bliss candy so I can see I need to go shopping for some chocolate!
Carrie C

~amy~ said...

okay, now how delish is this? FAB!

Sherry said...

The card is even more awesome in person. Tami came over to Anchor Paper in Plymouth today where I was working and gave this beautiful card to me. She is so talented and when she puts them on her blog they do not do the actual card justice.

Grandma Jan said...

I'm lucky if I can do a card a week let alone a card a day. They are wonderful - just more to add to my Card Binder to do later. Keep up the wonderful work and I DID see you card class on Dave's blog - awesome.
Hugs, Jan

Mary said...

What a sweet card. :) Great idea Tami.