Sunday, May 10, 2009

New postage stamps...I'm ordering on Monday!!

Any local friends want a book of these totally cool new postage stamps? The rate is increasing on Monday or Tuesday to .44 first class one ounce. If so, let me know. Its approx. $9 a book with shipping. Ouch!! What's a girl to do?? Let me know by Sunday nite as I'm ordering some online. They are just too cool to pass up so thanks for the heads up AMY (sweet gal in WA) my new cyber friend!!

I can't sleep once again so I'm on the laptop.

Again, happy Mom's Day. I love my MOM so so much. Big waves to MAMA *Ellie.* She is simply the best Mother ever. xoxoxoxo Can some one please tell me how to get hearts to type? I am so curious on that one? same with smileys?

I did do a *little* shopping today as I had to for my upcoming "Graphic 45" card classes at Anchor Paper. I have one in St. Paul this coming Saturday, May 16 at 10am and the other in Plymouth on Friday, May 22 at 10am. Anyone want to signup and make some totally awesome cards?? The class runs for 2.5 hours. If so, email me soon OK? We are making five gorgeous cards including envies. I plan to sell any leftover kits as a "class to go." Have a great day and thanks for the visit. Tami


Grandma Jan said...

You are amazing. Yes, I love the stamps. Order some for me too.

Busy, busy lady. Keep those adorable cards coming. I can't wait to see more.

G Jan

~amy~ said...

Have a super week tami! btw, what are you working on, a laptop or a regular desk top? To do hearts on my laptop I have to hit Fn and F7 then Alt and 3....♥♥♥ On my regular desktop computer I hit Alt and the 3 from the keypad....hth!