Sunday, May 3, 2009

Woo Hoo.....I have two followers!!

I'm moving up in Blogland and man I can hardly stand it. I now have two followers thanks to my *Button Junkie* friend Sherry . You need to check out her awesome blog!! Here's the card Sherry made for me just because she was thinking about me and I totally love it!! Thanks ever so much girlfriend. It certainly brightened my day. We met early this morning at Caribou Coffee. Then of course a quick visit to Michael's! Do you think I bought anything? Guess again. Yes-sir-re-bob. I just had to purchase another Martha Steward border punch and its all Sherry's fault. The sad part is I'm not 100% sure if I already own it? Sad fact but true!! Can anyone relate to what I'm saying??

I hope to post one of my Memory Box cards I made for my middle sister when I get home late Monday nite. The truth is I can't find where I put it. I just hate when I can't find things!! Do you ever have that problem and waste so much time looking for something?? Drives me nuts.

I have some rather BIG news!! I'm going to scrapbook tomorrow!! Yes, you heard me right...I will be SCRAPBOOKING my very first chipboard album!! I am majorly excited about going to Archiver's tomorrow for some good cropping fun!! Sherry will hopefully be there for me as this is a big step for me!! I've been fighting it for probably a decade. No lie!! Now I just have to pick the pictures up and I'm good to go. Oh yes, I must finish packing. That's exhausting too!! LOL!! I hope you have enjoyed Sherry's beautiful card and thanks for stopping by. It was a beautiful day in MN. Sunshine makes me happy (think John Denver) and so do the big bowl of pansies on my deck thanks to Wendy. I hope you all have a great week. Tami


Sherry said...

Tami, you will probably be brilliant at scrapbooking, just like you are with cards.


Rose said...

now you have 3!!! i enjoy following newer blogs :-) oh just a might want to move the "followers" box up closer to the top so visitors can see it and follow :-) I'm sure you will have plenty in no time.

Jessie said...

Make that 4! I read your blog and enjoy it! Thanks! Jessie