Monday, May 18, 2009

New Classes!!...

Hey peeps....Its late and I just woke up from the sofa. Darn it I missed most of Desperate Housewives. I am too tired to find a card from my Sunday class at Lunds but I promise to post one on Monday. I had a great class and we always have a blast.

I just updated my blog with this weeks upcoming classes. I hope you will join me. I am showing the Copic video at 5 pm prior to my Copic 101 class . The class is at Anchor Paper in St. Paul .

I've been working off and on this past week on my upcoming Graphic 45 classes. I must say I'm very pleased with my cards. I totally love that company. Their paper is so awesome. I have put my scrapbooking on hold but need to get back to it soon.

I worked at the MN State Fairgrounds on Saturday. I sold tickets and I started to lose my voice at the end of the day on Saturday!! It was SO bitter cold and windy in the am and the lines were long outside just waiting to get in!!! Can you say brrrrrr.....chilley?>!! We had winter again. I could not believe it. When I left at 4 pm the sun was shining and it turned out to be a lovely day. It was SO nice seeing lots of my old/new friends and students. I wish more of you that told me you read my blog would leave me a comment!! Its so NOT hard and its kind of nice you know to get a *little blog love* every now and then!! However with me it is SO NOT a popularity contest with me!! I am so NOT like that....surprise!! Back to the fair! I was a very good girl at the Rubber Stamp and Scrapbooking Expo in the buying department on Saturday!! I tried really hard not to buy a lot of unneccesary *stuff* but trust me I wanted it BAD!! It was complete torture but I had restraint!! I did 3 Make and Takes and bought only two sheets of Graphic 45 paper. I myself am still in shock!! I was naughty on Friday and got a few treats at Smudgestwo The Greeting Farm stamps and I signed up for Leslie's upcoming Magnolia class. I am super excited about that one!! Finally Leslie you get to have me in your class!! One word....WARNING!! As soon as I left the stamp show on Saturday I headed for Archivers in Roseville as I *needed* some peony paper and fancy May Arts ribbon for my BIG Sunday Lunds class!! I did get a few other little treats and then a yummy Starbacks coffee. I hit the road and had to work extra hard on kiting. It was hard work but I pulled off another class. I have the nicest friends and students. It was so fun meeting Rosa!! Thanks Jan!! Tamara and I dined at Chipotle and then I rushed home to call Mama Ellie and Papa. I had to get the family scoop and dish with MOM. I miss my family so much. I hope I am NOT boring you. I'm so chatty for the middle of the nite when I should be in bed getting some beauty rest. Oh I did color my hair around 6 am on Saturday. Bye bye roots and thank goodness for Walgreens and the 10 minute hair color kits!!! You were a lifesaver!! Ok....signing off for now. Peace peeps. Love, Tami :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tami, It was great to see you at the convention. Good for you on getting out of there w/o spending much. OMG Love the Graphic 45 papers. Where were they? I would have knocked over booths to get at them!!!
Cheri B

Nancy said...

Hey you! :) I missed most of D.H. too. I will have to watch it online. :)