Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Totally awesome blog candy. check it out!!


This is Debbie's blog in the UK. I just can't get over it!! Thanks for the heads up Candy!! I hope I win.

My laptop is acting up again and I'm freaking out! Got to go. Tami

Hi I'm back again. I am sick and tired of fighting with it.

I taught a COPIC 101 class tonight and get a load of this...I did NOT buy anything in the store. Another miracle but let's not forget I was in there shopping on Saturday. They have a great stamp of the month. I did get it!!!

Nightie night peeps. I'm watching Oprah and am sad Dr. Oz is leaving Oprah but I'm excited for him as his new 5-day medical show debuts Sept. 14. I love Doctor OZ. He is the best!! All the best to you.

I can't believe I missed Dancing with the Stars tonight. How could I forget?? Of all nites gosh darn it!!

Catch you later. I am so embarrassed about the picture of the stamp Donna B. won. Remember now I scan things and of course it was rather lumpy in my scanner!! I threw my old stamp rag (it was clean) over the stamp and then scanned it. My handwriting looks so bad too. Oh well...I'd take a nice prize any way I can win it. Glad you like it Donna!! Tomorrow is a full stamping day. Ciao bellas!! Tami

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